• Motorway driving
  • How to use the motorways
  • Roadworks


Take the greatest care not to endanger motorway service personnel, who work day and night to ensure you enjoy the safest, most convenient driving conditions. Always comply with the signs around roadworks areas.

Approach to roadworks

  • - Comply with initial warning signs.
    - Signs are always located well in advance, to give motorists time to slow down and adapt to the forthcoming change in motorway environment.
  • - Don’t wait till the last moment to slow down or change lane.

Did you know ?

Each year, our teams operate in more than 80 000 scheduled roadworks and on 350 000 emergency interventions.

Along roadworks

  • - Comply with speed limits: 60 or 110 km/h, depending on the type of roadworks.
  • - Comply with safe driving distances.
  • - Be especially alert.

In slow traffic

  • - Switch on your warning lights.
  • - Do not change lane in queued traffic (this could be especially dangerous to motorcyclists moving up the lanes).
  • - Do not drive on the hard shoulder. The hard shoulder is strictly out of bounds to ordinary traffic, and reserved for emergency vehicles.
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