A number of special driving rules and recommendations apply to the motorway environment.

Drive on the right-most lane

  • This rule applies all the time, with two exceptions:
    - In queued traffic, you should stay in your current lane without attempting to change lanes, and drive at the traffic flow speed.
    - If the right-most lane is reserved for slow vehicles, you should only use it if your speed is below 60 km/h.

french autoroutes regulationsIt is forbidden!

Never reverse on motorway. It is forbidden and extremly dangerous. If you missed an exit or service area, just continue to the next one.

Do not drive on the hard shoulder

Remember you do not have priority when changing lane

  • This rule applies in the following situations:
    - When you are pulling out to overtake
    - When you are pulling back in after overtaking
    - When you are entering the motorway from an acceleration lane
    - When you are leaving a lane reserved for slow vehicles
  • Before changing lane, always take the following precautions:
    - Look in your mirrors to make sure the lane is clear
    - Use your indicators to warn other motorists of your intention
    - Don’t approach the vehicle in front too closely before pulling out to overtake
    - Pull back in after overtaking, using your indicators to warn of the lane-change.

Only overtake to the left

  • You are only allowed to overtake vehicles by pulling out to the left.
  • After overtaking, pull back in after making sure there is enough room ahead of the overtaken vehicle.

Make proper allowance for other types of vehicle

  • Whatever kind of vehicle you are driving (car, motorcycle, lorry), you share the road with other kinds of vehicles, and must make proper allowance for each. Specific precautions in this respect include the following:
    - Don’t encroach into a lane occupied by a motorcycle
    - Don’t force your way onto the motorway from the acceleration lane
    - Don’t pull in to close ahead to a heavy goods vehicle
    - Don’t slalom from one lane to another
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