Loosening up

Physiotherapist’s recommendations on loosening up and keeping muscle tone.

Drivers often suffer from aches, in the arms, back, shoulders and legs. Here are some tips on relieving muscular tension:
  • - Walk at least twice round your vehicle, or, better still, for at least five minutes round the rest area.
  • - Take deep breaths, breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth.
  • - Do the exercises outlined below
safety on french motorways : avoid cramps
  • Hold your arms out horizontally.
  • Fold your wrists outwards for 10 seconds.
  • Do this three times for each hand.                                                                                

motorway information France, relieve tension on trapezius
  • Exercise 1
    • Stand up and put the palms of your hands flat againstthe back of your head.
    • Push your head down gently for about ten seconds.
  • Exercise 2
    • Pull your right arm leftwards behind your back.
    • IPush your head leftwards with your right hand,
      for about 10 seconds. 
    • Do this three times for each arm.

France motorway safety : back stretching
  • Exercise 1
    • Put your foot on the car bumper or bonnet.
    • Bend then stretch your leg, trying to grab your foot, ankle, calf or knee        
    • Do this three times for 10 seconds, for each leg.
france motorway route safety : lumbar stretching
  • Exercise 2
    • Stand with your legs slightly apart and knees bent.
    • Lean forward letting your hands hang down, and breathe out forcefully.       
    • Do this three times for about 10 seconds.

Correct seating position
french autoroutes : correct sitting position
  • The seat back should be almost vertical.
  • Move the seat back so that the legs are almost stretched (angle of about 120°).
  • Keep your back fairly straight, consistent with its natural curve,
    using the seat lumbar support or a small cushion if necessary.
  • Your arms should be slightly bent.
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