Instructions on safety for driver and passengers if you need to stop on the hard shoulder.


safety motorway : emergency warning lights


  • Switch on your emergency warning lights.
  • Park carefully on the hard shoulder.
  • Keep as far as possible to the right, out of the traffic lane, while leaving sufficient room to open the front passenger door.


safety motorway : safety vest


  • Put on your safety vest before leaving the vehicle.
  • Your safety vest should be kept in the glove box or in another easily accessible location.
  • The safety vest greatly improves visibility, day and night.


safety motorway: leave the vehicule


  • Leave the vehicle via the right-hand passenger door.
  • Make sure all passengers leave from the right-hand side.


safety motorway : safety barrier


  • Get all passengers to safety, behind the safety barrier.
  • Go to the nearest emergency phone, walking behind the safety barrier.
  • Never attempt to cross the motorway to get to a phone on the other side.


safety motorway : alert the emergency services


  • Alert the emergency services. Pressing the button puts you through directly to the motorway surveillance team, which will identify your location and call out the emergency services immediately. This call is free.


safety motorway : wait for the emergency services


  • Go back to your vehicle and wait for the emergency services.
  • All vehicle occupants should remain together behind the safety barrier.
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