If you witness or are involved in an accident, keep two priorities uppermost in mind: bring your vehicle and its occupants to safety, then alert the emergency services.

If you witness an accident

safety motorway : emergency phone
Drive on to the next emergency phone (orange post).

On the motorway, there is always an emergency phone no further than one minute away.
This is the most efficient way to alert the emergency services.

Never attempt to cross the motorway.

It is always safer and more efficient to drive on to the next emergency phone.

If you are involved in an accident

  • Switch on your emergency warning lights
  • Park your vehicle on the hard shoulder if possible.
    - If you cannot get your vehicle onto the hard shoulder, evacuate all vehicle occupants without delay, and get them behind the safety barrier.
  • Follow the instructions in the section Breakdown, to protect your passengers.
  • Go to the nearest emergency phone, keeping behind the safety barrier if possible. There’s an emergency phone about every 2 km along the motorway.
  • If you can’t get to an emergency phone, call 112 from your mobile phone, and give your location as precisely as possible:
    - Motorway number
    - Direction
    - Landmark (milestone indication on panels on roadside or central reservation)
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